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Why WeddingMix is Your Wedding Video and Photo Solution

It's So Easy, Fun & Affordable

Trusted by Hundreds of Brides. Here's Why You Should Too.



Weddings are expensive! WeddingMix helps your budget and allows room for important stuff - like good booze!


See it all through the eyes of those who love you most.. Our app and cameras will be fun for everyone.


DIY is great. Do you want to buy cameras, track down files and spend 50 hours editing? Let us do the hard stuff.


Yeah, most wedding videos are boring. Not WeddingMix. You pick the scenes. Our expertise guarantees you'll love it.

You Can Relax -
We've Got Everything Covered

Besides, you've got nothing to lose with our 100% money back guarantee

Professional Custom Editing

trust our Apple Certified Pros

Multiple Song Soundtracks

our editors choose from 4000+ songs

Mix n Match & Custom Themes

pick from different themes or create your own

Dark Footage

Many parts of a wedding are not in ideal footage, especially the reception. That's why pros have lights brighter than the sun. We can work wonders with most dark footage and make sure those moments can be included. And many phones have a small light that really improve getting moments you want even in poor light.


See samples of how we make dark footage usable

I'll Never Watch It

Sure, your parents video from the 80s was two hours of painful staged shots. And your friend who 'hired' the film student only watched her's once. But why do 98% of recent brides recommend a wedding video? Because they know what they missed and how they want to relive their biggest day ever. And you can keep it short (or long) by picking the scenes. Our editors know how to create a video you'll want to watch every anniversary.

Shaky/Poor Footage

Your friends and family aren't going to be pros. But luckily today's cameras are super easy to use, shoot HD quality, and come with image stabilization. But if your sister has a bad case of the shakes, our editors can really improve the results. Of course we're not miracle workers, but some of the charm in our videos is the authentic quality of the shooters.


See samples of how smooth our results are

Broken Cameras

We don't require a deposit or charge if a camera is broken. The cameras we send are really pretty tough. But if one happens to break while using it we will simply downgrade your package to the lower level. Of course that's a risk with the one camera package. So, don't use them as beer coasters!

Asking People to Shoot

You might be hesitant to ask your guests to video. But that's the beauty of our service. One person doesn't need to spend the entire time behind a camera. Most people will be taking photos and video any way. You might as well get the footage for your video! With our tips and question card, it will be easy and fun for them.

I'll Have My Uncle Video

It sounds like a good idea to have the family 'video' person shoot your wedding. Or maybe you can buy some cameras and give them out as gifts. But what about after the wedding? How do you get the footage? What about different video codecs? If you enjoy video editing, go for it. Hopefully you actually end up with a final movie.

Have a Question we Didn't Answer? Check Out our FAQ page.

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